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What Is The Best Way to Stage a Bed?

Whether we like it or not, the main focal point of a bedroom is always the bed. If you were to tour two houses, one with a mattress on the floor in the main bedroom, bed unmade and the other with a nice bed frame and a beautifully made bed, which one would you want to call home? I think it is safe to assume we would all prefer the beautifully made bed in the more put together room. Now, creating that space can be done many ways depending on the pieces you are working with. If you have a high-profile bed, a bed skirt would be a great addition. For a low-profile bed, like the one in the picture, a bed skirt is not necessary. If your bed has wood slats, you do not have to use box springs. However, a frame with no would slats make box springs a must. We want this bed to make the potential buyer want to relax, crawl in and take a nap. So, once the beds structure is complete, add a comforter that compliments the theme of the room (don't forget to iron/steam it to get rid of all wrinkles), then finish it off by adding accent pillows. After seeing this room, potential buyers will be ready to make an offer and take a nap.

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