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Home Staging Tips: Sell Your Home Quickly

June 2, 2020 by Lexi Klinkenberg

Getting your home picture-perfect and ready to sell goes far beyond vacuuming the floors, dusting off surfaces, and making the beds. In today’s housing market⁠ home staging is a vital step to sell your home quickly, boost home value, and stand out from the competition online and in-person⁠—whether you’re moving to AtlantaDallas, or anywhere in between. We’ve asked experts to share their greatest piece of advice on home staging to help you set the stage and sell your home for all its potential.

Spruce up your outdoor spaces

When staging your home for sale the most important step is choosing a professional home staging company that is certified, insured, well experienced, highly recommended and has a portfolio with a wide ange of styles. The best place to start when staging your home is to create curb appeal. Most buyers form an opinion in the first 7-10 seconds upon arrival and if they don’t like what they see from the outside, the less likely they are to step foot into the home. –Elegantly Stated Home Staging

Showing off and staging your outdoor space has never been more important. While more people are stuck at home with beautiful weather, outdoor spaces should be staged to their full potential. Whether the space is small or large, make sure to show potential buyers how enjoyable your outdoor space can be. Show off plenty of fresh plants and an area to relax or dine. Buyers need to be able to see their home as a retreat to get away from the stress of their daily lives. –Stephanie Jacobs, Staged by Stephanie

Work with a professional home stager

Home staging is proven to help net the best price for a property for sale in the shortest time based on market conditions. Choose a home stager that is professionally trained specifically in home staging and a member of a reputable industry association. First impressions matter so you want your property to show its best to prospective buyers online and in person. Stage it before you list it and create a tangible emotional experience for buyers so they choose your house over the competition. –Jennie Norris, Stagedhomes

When it comes to selling a home in today’s market, it’s important to have a qualified home stager that will adhere to your local guidelines in regards to COVID-19 and present your home in its best light. Most buyers start their search online and the photos are what drive their interest. Be sure to declutter, clean those windows, freshen up your paint, change all lights bulbs, and most importantly – Hire a professional home stager. For showings, turn on all the lights, open closet doors, and make spaces accessible to allow buyers to really enjoy all your home has to offer without having to touch anything. –

Take time to prepare for video shoots

In this time of 3D tours and virtual open houses and showings, sellers need to take their staging preparation to the next level as every corner of the home is shown. We recommend stepping on the other side of the video camera to take a virtual tour of your own home and make a to-do list. You’ll be surprised at things like cord bundles, dirty window sills, and grungy bath mats that will show up on camera. – Jeanne Kramer, Restyle Home Staging + Design 

Remove distractions and get your home sparkling clean

Do you need to stage your home, but not sure where to begin? Start with the three D’s for a simple way to make a big difference! 1. Declutter 2. Depersonalize 3. Deep Clean –Amanda Elmgren, Full Bloom Home Staging

Whatever you can do without, get it out. Buyers only know what they see and they need to be able to see themselves living in your space. Start by going room by room and removing all the extras to create space, clutter eats equity. –Designing Impressions

Depersonalize to help the buyer visualize

Declutter and neutralize all areas of the home. While you may love brightly colored walls and the family photo gallery, the truth is they can lead to fewer offers, more time spent on the market, and even a reduction in perceived value. The process of decluttering to stage not only helps sell your home but also helps you cut down on things you really don’t need before you move. – Terie Madison-Kumar,  Madison Furniture Interior

Go through your home and remove all personal items off the walls including family photographs, awards, certificates, collages, and collections. By depersonalizing your home, it keeps the buyer from being distracted and allows them to focus more on the home, and also frees up clutter to help them visualize their own things within the home. –Terry McGrew, Revitalized Designs

Enhance your space with balance and lighting

Home staging promotes a perceived lifestyle. The use of symmetry in the master bedroom creates balance with matching nightstands, lamps, and pillows. Buyers will feel a sense of peace and harmony, and subconsciously think that their relationship will be better in this home. –Staging Studio, Accredited Certifications for Home Stagers

Lighting plays an important factor in showcasing your home to potential buyers. Normally, most homes have 2700k light bulbs. These bulbs get discolored and turn yellow as they age. Replace all your light bulbs with 3000k soft white because it will create a brighter, well lit, and consistent showing throughout your home. –Blake Riley Homes

When staging your home you are styling to sell, not styling to live. Keep this mantra in mind: clean, bright, and fresh! Take down curtains and let light in, replace towels and bedding with crisp white linens, and add some greenery to finish your space. –Kristen Brown & Amy Keeley, Redesigned Home Staging 

Find opportunities to get creative

Store clean bedding and ironed pillowcases on fresh pillows in each bedroom the night before home inspections, making for a quick swap in the morning. Always use clean, ironed linen.  –Julie Parker, Jewels Property Staging.

Home staging involves some secret psychological strategies. One of our favorites is to hang a mirror in the entry. The first and last impression for buyers is to literally see themselves in the home. –BY Design Home Staging in San Antonio, TX

Stay minimalistic and make updates where needed

When you’re listing your home for sale, try to find out who your buyer demographic is, and style to their taste. Stay as minimalistic as you can with your furniture and decor to portray plenty of space. And always hire a professional cleaner and photographer. –Sojourn Staging & Design 

Every home deserves a luxury look and an aspirational presentation to convey the home’s full potential to buyers. Being up-to-date and on-trend with furnishings and accessories is a great start. A seller needs to go beyond decluttering and fresh paint and consider the condition of their furnishings. Buyers only know what you show them, and sometimes all it takes is removing or switching around certain items, making small purchases or renting pieces from a professional home staging company to make all the difference. –Monica Murphy, Preferred Staging

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