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Don't Leave Money Behind: Staging Picture Perfect Homes for Millennials

Here in Atlanta, it is a sellers market. According to an article from the Home Buying Institute, "the market favors sellers over buyers, due to limited inventory." When homes move quickly due to the small amount of inventory on the market, agents and sellers can see staging as a service that is not necessary. However, agents are leaving money on the table by not fully showing the potential of a home.

According to the National Association of Realtors 2017 Report, Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends, "Millennials are the largest share of buyers at 36%." In a 2017 article from it explains that, "by 2018 millennials will have the most spending power of any generation." Knowing these facts, it is important that agents and sellers know what makes millennials excited and eager to spend more money. If a home is in an area where millennials are buying, you should make sure you are staging it for millennials so that the home's assets can be exposed and buyers want to compete to get their picture perfect home.

Millennials want homes that are picture perfect and follow in-line with the images they are flooded with on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and HGTV. They are not interested in having to do work on a home. They want their home to be move in ready like the images they surround themselves with. Millennials are a generation fully engulfed in technology and social media. According the the article, 41 Revealing Statistics About Millennials Every Marketer Should Know, "83% of online adults (18-29 years) use Facebook, 53% use Instagram, 37% use Twitter, and 34% use Pinterest, and millennials touch their smartphones 45 times a day"

There are certain features that must be visable in a home to make millennials want to compete when it comes to home buying. According to Millennial Magazine, they are "the most sustainability-conscious generation ever." They appreciate unique design and handmade items. They also want energy efficient and smart appliances along with the use of organic materials.

Therefore, when you set the stage for a millennial making the home picture perfect with these key selling features your chances of having buyers compete in this market becomes very likely. A stager that is in tune with the largest, most wealthy group of home buyers in the country is an essential part of selling a home today.

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