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Be Art Smart When Getting Your Home Market Ready

When getting your home market ready it is important to make sure you don't have empty walls. Empty walls can create a feeling of starkness. You want to engage buyers and give them a space to remember. Does this mean that every wall needs some sort of adornment? No, of course not. However, it is good to have a piece of art or another wall embellishment in the main spaces and focal areas of the home. This would include, but not be limited to, above the mantel, living room, dining room, master bedroom and kitchen. Here are a few tips for being art smart when showing your home.

What to take down and box up for your next house

1. Offensive Artwork - Yes, you might think it's beautiful, but others might find that nude photo or painting offensive. When in doubt, just remove it. You want your home to be memorable, but not for all the wrong reasons.

2. Family photos, portraits, and pets - There are plenty of ways to create a homey, lived in feeling without family photos. Buyers need to focus on themselves living in the home, not on your family living in the home.

3. Political and religious artwork and adornment - This is not the time to show off your political affiliation or religious beliefs. In order to create a neutral space you need to neutralize your decor. This includes taking down political and religious decor.

What to keep up and hang up for selling

1. Abstract artworks - Abstract artworks are a very neutral choice. They are inoffensive and can give a nice pop of color to a space.

2. Landscapes - Landscapes refer to nature or outdoor scenery. Whether it's a realistic painting, photograph or abstract artwork, landscapes tend to have a calming effect. Landscapes are generally easy to find and do the job of filling space to create a positive feeling.

3. Still life - Still life artworks are pictures of objects, such as a vase of flowers or bowl of fruit. These are great simple pieces to help create a neutral space.

4. Themed decor - Hang pictures that go along with the room. You wouldn't hang cute jungle animals in the kitchen. However, there is nothing wrong with doing so in a room set up for children. Themed decor can also include a sign or canvas with words that might go along with the room's use. Such as a painted piece of wood with the words laundry for the laundry room.

Remember, the goal is to create a space that buyers remember for the right reasons. Even though the artwork should be neutral, that does not mean you can't have a pop of color or contrast in the things you decide to hang on the walls. Wall decor can also be a pretty mirror, metal piece, or a fun sign in the appropriate space. Also, make sure the decor you choose is a good size and scale for your space. You don't need to spend a fortune either. Great wall decor can be found at places such as Ikea, Target, and Home Goods.

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