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Are You Interested in What It's Really Like to Stage a Home?

There's a lot of work and planning that goes into those dramatic before and after pictures everyone wants to see. With every new staging, we consider who the potential buyer will be. This helps us determine whether or not to stage an office or a playroom, extra living space or storage. We also consider the location and vibe of the neighborhood when choosing the style of accessories and furniture.

Once we have a plan in place, the process shifts towards inventory. So much of staging involves inventory management. When we’re selecting rental furniture, they provide a team of packers and movers to bring the items into the home. But SBS Designs also has an inventory of items we maintain, and pack and move, and unpack and repack, and then unpack again. Did we mention packing? But, we would pack and repack a million times over to help you get those gorgeous and impactful before and after results!

Another crucial part of this job is providing picture-proof reasons why staging is essential! Helping a room go from “what on earth do I do with this space?!” to “that’s perfect, I can totally see myself working from this home office!” is why we love what we do. Taking photos throughout the process is such a valuable tool when selling the benefits of staging.

SBS Designs is always happy to bring the sweat equity to help you get your homes sold.

Before Staging

After Staging

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