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  • Julie Sack

Sell Your Vacant Home With Staging

When your published listing hasn't sold your house within 30 days you've got to be proactive.

You've moved out of your previous house on to your new dream home but the house you lived before in is Still on the market, it's empty of personal belongings and a clean slate for that new owner. But how do you get that buyer to see the potential of your house as their new home.

You have a few options 1)keep paying two mortgages and hope that the pictures of your well lived in home you took months ago will sell that house eventually. 2)have your agent bring out the photographer again and photograph the house completely empty, or, 3)My favorite option, take the step to get your house sold - Bring in Staged by Stephanie to stage your home!

The Greater Atlanta real estate market is a hot one, houses move because there are new buyers constantly. Atlanta is a growing major city with growing companies and more coming to the area all the time. Jobs bring people and people need houses. Make sure its your house they want to see more of. Buyers don't want to see where YOU lived and HOW you lived, they want to see where THEY will live and HOW they will live. They want to live Clean, Modern and Bright.

Take advantage of your new found vacant home opportunity to let me design a space anyone would dream to call their own. I will work with you to refresh your homes look with paint colors, as well as rental furniture, art and decor. Together we can get this done as quickly as you want, even in as little as two weeks. From consultation to installation we can transform your home to get in on every buyers saved home list and get it sold fast.

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