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5 Things to Trash When Showing Your Home

Getting your home ready for showings can seem like a daunting task. With so much to do, it can quickly become overwhelming. Here's a list of 5 quick fixes so that your home can be picture perfect when buyers come to see it.

5. BATH MATS - Store them in a closet or cabinet before potential buyers come to look at your home. Buyers should focus on your beautiful bathroom and not worry about stepping on a wet mat.

4. TASTE SPECIFIC FINISHES - If you have custom patterned drapery or bold, taste specific wall paper, then get rid of it. Removing drapery will not only let in more light, it will also make a space feel larger. Neutralize bold wall colors with a paint color that matches the rest of your home. It's difficult for buyers to look past bold, taste specific elements in a home. Potential buyers will see this as another project and more money they will have to spend.

3. CLUTTER - If you have more than 3 items on a shelf then start packing some boxes. Buyers should visualize themselves in a space. Too many items on shelves, and counters will only distract buyers from your home. Remember, you are not selling your stuff, you are selling your space.

2. PERSONAL PHOTOS AND INFORMATION - Get rid of all family photos, and any items with identifiable personal information, such as names, birth dates, etc. Buyers shouldn't be distracted with your family's story. You want buyers to envision creating their own story in the house.

1. DIRT - CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN! If you don't have the time to clean your house 1 - 2 times a month while it is on the market then pay someone to clean it for you. The last thing you want is for buyers to have a dirty impression of your home. It can be difficult for buyers to get past a dirty house.

This list is sure to reduce the stress for sellers. And remember, each box packed now is one less once your home is sold. For more information about my home staging services contact me at or call (770)-356-3420.

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