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How to Have a Safe Home Sale in the Age of COVID-19

Selling homes involves a lot on one’s plate even at the best of times. Right now, staying safe and healthy should be one’s priority. Even without the added stress that comes with the COVID-19 panic, there’s other aspects of the home-buying and home-selling process that you need to contend with, such as considering mortgage loan options for your new home and getting your family ready for the upcoming move. While it can seem intimidating for a homeowner to show and sell a home during the pandemic, there are ways to ensure a safe and seamless experience. Staged by Stephanie presents some important tips and resources for those who are hoping to sell their homes during the pandemic.

See How Others Are Handling the Pandemic

Real estate is changing significantly during COVID-19. Therefore, your first task is to see how others are handling their property sales. Is everyone in your area relying on virtual-only tours? Or, are showings still happening with extra precautions taken?

You should also check out comparable properties to yours. Understanding the current housing market can help you set—and net—a reasonable price for your property. Also, contact a real estate specialist who can help you get your house on the market and in front of potential buyers.

How to Handle Your Virtual Showings

While many prospective buyers will insist on in-person visits, offering video tours or virtual showings is a smart step. There are plenty of remote options for showcasing your home, including video chat tours on your smartphone, pre-recorded walkthroughs, and even 3D showings.

As CNBC summarizes, apps like Apple FaceTime, Google Duo, Microsoft Skype, Google Hangouts, and Zoom all serve multiple video chatting purposes (both personal and professional). A video chat can be the best way to point out unique features in the home, too.

If you’re creating a 3D tour for clients, Medium highlights the need for a user-directed experience that’s smooth and seamless. Choosing the right virtual tour software is an excellent first step. Be sure to capture every angle of the home’s best features. Offer a descriptive property listing to clarify any details and highlight those noteworthy (and valuable) elements.

How to Stage for an Eye-Catching Home

Most buyers start their home search online, and the photos they see matters. A beautifully staged home not only shows better in person, but can make or break your online images. You could use the furnishings you have or rent ones to create the ideal space for buyers. Staging tips include:

  • Create a more open space by clearing walkways.

  • Add visual interest pieces, like bright pillows on couches.

  • Enhance curb appeal by trimming your lawn and adding fresh mulch to flower beds.

  • Remove decor that could be seen as controversial, like political items.

As more people purchase eco-friendly green products and even homes, incorporating elements of biophilic home design could be worth your staging efforts. This could easily help sway those who want their homes to have a connection with nature.

Have a Quick-Showing Plan in Place

Planning for unexpected showings is smart. You need to have a plan on how to handle the whole family (and their stuff) should your realtor need to show up ASAP.

These same techniques apply when you have a short-notice visual tour scheduled—clutter is clutter whether in person or on video. The KonMari Method is an effective way to clear out excess items.

Your pre-showing checklist should include:

  • Tossing items into boxes (then tucking them away in your garage, closet, or car trunk).

  • Emptying the kitchen sink.

  • Taking the trash out.

  • Popping in a subtle air freshener scent or opening a window, weather permitting.

  • Incorporating elements of biophilic home design into your staging efforts, which will attract those who want their homes to have a connection with nature.

You’ll also need a plan for getting the whole family out of the house on short notice. To adhere to social distancing rules, you might need a creative solution like going for a leisurely drive. Remember to pack snacks and brainstorm in-car games for kids. Or, consider ordering ahead at your favorite restaurant for curbside pickup to lift everyone’s spirits.

Take Special Measures for Sanitation

If you have potential homebuyers visiting, keeping your home germ-free is a priority. While a deep-clean ahead of listing the property is ideal, day-to-day cleaning helps keep everyone healthy.

Cleaning with diluted bleach, alcohol, or peroxide can kill COVID-19 germs, says Almanac, so doing a once-over on all hard surfaces visitors may have touched is a smart step. You can also aim for prevention by leaving all the lights on and bedroom doors open. This way, visitors won’t need to touch much.

When you’re staying home and trying to sell a home amid the pandemic, you need to get creative. Fortunately, with these tips, you can work toward a healthier and quicker home sale while making sure it’s safe for everyone involved.

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