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What to Expect When We Meet

When I come over for an occupied home staging consultation I try to make it as stress free as possible for the homeowner. Although moving is exciting and often marks a new chapter in your life, it can become very overwhelming. As someone who has gone through the process several times while working and with small children, I can relate to the homeowner's feelings. I often get asked what will happen during the home staging process. Every home stager does things a little differently, but here is an outline of what you can expect when I come to your home.

I offer a two step process for home staging. The first step in the process is the initial consultation, followed up with a detailed staging report. For the initial consultation I always ask for the homeowners to try and be available to walk through their home with me and allow 2 hours for our consultation. When the homeowner comes with me I am able to answer questions and better explain the process. The real estate agent is always welcome to join, but it's totally up to the agent and homeowner. We will then go through each room of the house and I will give recommendations on updates, furniture placement, organization and decluttering. I will also give some recommendations on items that I would like to see added to the home or items to be swapped out. There might even be things that we are able to do, such as relocate a piece of furniture or artwork during the actual consultation. There is always a lot of information to process during the consultation. Therefore, I take all notes on my phone and email them to you and your agent within 24 hours. The suggestions I give during a consultation are never against your personal taste or lifestyle, but strictly to get you the best return on your investment and a faster sale. I also have a whole list of resources to help you through the process, including organizers, handymen, and cleaning services.

The second part of the process occurs right before you are ready to take your real estate photos and place the home on the market. This is when I come back to your home and style it to make it picture perfect. The process of styling the property can take anywhere between 2-5 hours, depending on the size of the home and what needs to be accomplished. Most of what I will be doing that day will be outlined in the report from the initial consultation. Some things that might occur that day include relocating artwork, stying bookshelves and rearranging furniture. I also bring my own decor items that I add into the home to help accentuate architectural details, and create an emotional connection with prospective buyers. When I have homeowners and agents enlist me for both of my services homes often times get sold faster and for more.

I hope this answers any questions you might have when hiring Staged by Stephanie. Please find more information about me and my portfolio at Make sure to follow me on instagram @stagedbystephanie and check out all of my great reviews on Facebook.

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